We offers end-to-end business solutions to all domestic and international companies, right from their inception through growth. We customise each service to meet the specific requirements of new and existing companies to develop sustainable advantages and help our clients effectively optimize and develop their internal competencies by assisting them to translate their latent talents into successful business solutions

     We analyse your current business requirements and suggest sustainable and timely business solutions through our unique service delivery model through customised services, in-depth domain knowledge and strong reliability.


  • Recruitment & Manpower Service
  • Accounting & Compliance Service.
  • Assurance/Audit Service.
  • Project Finance Service.

Recruitment & Manpower Service
The success of every business entity is determined by the power, strength and commitment of its people. This makes it extremely important for every company to acquire the right mix of people to achieve organisational objectives.

Accounting & Compliance Service
One of the key components of a successful organisation is its ability to develop and setup efficient accounting systems that keep track of and guide the flow of finance and management information.

Assurance/Audit Service
In the world of business, the limitless possibilities that present themselves can make decision making a huge challenge for an organisation. But, it is these very decisions that set an organisation on the path to its future success or failure.

Project Finance Service
It is extremely important for every organisation to exercise complete control when it concerns monitoring various aspects of the business process. Like the complete control wielded by Lord Agni, the Assurance Services we offer our clients performs the vital role of a controller.